Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Guppie Hat

The Guppie Hat was inspired by Thelma Egberts’ Fish Hat Dead or Alive from the Knitty website:

Having a friend who was soon to give birth, it was suggested to me to re-proportion the hat to infant size for the new addition to our knitting group. Thus, The Guppie Hat was born. The picture on the left shows the difference in size between the original pattern and the down-sized Guppie. In the picture on the right the hat is modeled by the lovely Kyra. Following are my notes on the re-sized Guppie Hat. You may wish to reference the original pattern for further directions if my notes are not clear as written.
Approximately 70 grams yarn (I used Cascade 220) I spit-spliced the color changes so I wouldn’t have so many ends to weave in.
Size US 7 dpn
Darning needle
Stitch marker

CO 61 stitches.
Join by knitting the first and last cast on sts together being careful not to twist. Place marker at beginning of the round Knit for approximately 1 inch.

Short Row Shaping for mouth:
Row 1: K 19, W&T
Row 2: P 8, W&T
Row 3: K 9, W&T
Row 4: P10, W&T
Row 5: K 11, W&T
Row 6: P 12, W&T
Row 7: K 14, W&T
Row 8: P 16, W&T
Row 9: K 18, W&T
Row 10: P 20, W&T
Row 11: K 22, W&T
Row 12: P 24, W&T
Row 13: K 46, W&T

Repeat Rows 2-12 for second side of mouth shaping. Next row return to knitting in the round.

Change colors as desired.

Knit for 3.5”
Next round *K8, K2tog* repeat around = 54 sts

Knit for 2”
Next round *K7, K2tog* repeat around = 48 sts

Knit for 1”
Next round *K6, K2tog* repeat around = 42 sts

Knit for 1”
Next round *K5, K2tog* repeat around = 36 sts

Knit for .5”
Next round *K4, K2tog* repeat around = 30 sts

Knit for 1”
Next round *K2tog* repeat around to last 2 sts, K2 = 16 sts

Knit 3 rounds

The tail will be worked in two equal sections, straight knitting, not in the round.

Knit 12
Place the last 8 sts worked on a holder ( I leave them on an extra dpn). You are now working only half the tail sts.

Row 1: *K1, Kf&b* repeat across = 12 sts (turn)

Row 2: Purl across (turn)

Row 3: *K1, Kf&b* repeat across = 18 (turn)

Row 4: Purl across (turn)
Row 5: K1, Kf&b *K3, Kf&b* repeat between *s 4x = 23 sts (turn)
Rows 6 –11: Knit stockinette stitch
Row 12: K1 K2tog, knit to last 3 sts, SSK, K1
Row 13: Purl
Repeat Rows 12 & 13 – 4 times more then row 10 once more = 13 sts
Bind off.

Pick up the 8 sts on the holder and complete the second half of the tail as above.

Dorsal Fin:
PU 15 sts along top of fish.
Kf&b of each st
Work in 1x1 ribbing for 6 rows.
Bind off

Pectoral Fins:
PU 10 sts along sides of fish
Work as for the Dorsal fin.

Crochet a chain approximately 24-26 inches (or desired length). Pull one end through at the side of fish mouth. Weave the other end through the under side of the lip on the back side of the hat and through the lip on the other side of the mouth, making a continuous strap from one side, around the back to the other side.

Fold each half of the tail together and sew.
Weave in all ends.

Put on the eyes. The original pattern called for circles of white felt, with a dark yarn X in the middle. I prefer to use duplicate stitch for the entire eye. This makes the hat completely baby safe. I have also seen these hats with buttons for the eyes. I refused to put “dead eyes” on a baby hat, so I put live eyes on it.

I hope you enjoy my adaptation of Thelma’s wonderful design.


  1. Ruth,

    Can you explain how you "spit splice" your color changes. I did look this up on the internet, but wasn't able to completely understand it. Having made 2 Fish hats (regular size) I would appreciate having a better way to do color changes.

    Thanks for the adaptation for the Guppy hat.


  2. I'm a beginner. Could you explain what W&T stands for?