Monday, September 14, 2009

Tam of Many Colors II - design planning

After making what seemed like a thousand entrelac tams and caps I decided to make a change. Now that I had the entrelac technique down, I realized that each tiny little rectangle presented it's own canvas for further creative endeavors. I wanted to put in some design elements, but only on a few select squares. My ultimate plan was to make every other tier simple stockinette stitch and only every other block on the alternate tiers to include a new stitch. Working with an 8 stitch, 16 row block meant that each stitch I chose must fit into those parameters. I had three tiers with stitch designs in them and I opted for lace in the first, garter and moss in the second, and cables in the third design tier. I'm quite pleased with the end result and I hope you enjoy the pattern.

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